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What about a watch that measures the time between two halves of a soccer (or football) game? This includes the additional time. This watch was made by audemars piguet replica watches in 2014, when it was designated the official time-keeper for the FIFA World Cup. This watch was the Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono.

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This year, audemars piguet replica watches has once again demonstrated its creativity in this area with a watch that tracks your golf game. The audemars piguet replica watches Big Bang Unico golf was introduced recently at an event held in Shanghai. It allows you to count your strokes per hole and for the Bell & Ross Replica Watches entire game.

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First and foremost, the watch looks like a Big Bang chronograph. This is very natural, considering that the movement for the watch, the MHUB1580, uses the sturdy Unico base and has a module added over it. It allows for the functionality it boasts.

To count how many shots you have taken at each hole, press the "Shot" button. This information is displayed in the window at three o'clock. Next, you will find the 'Hole button. This keeps track audemars piguet replica watches of how many holes have been played and resets the shots counter. At 9 o'clock, the window displays the number of holes played. The window at 6 o’clock shows the total number of shots in a game.