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MDM Geneve's 1980 roger dubuis replica original, the first luxury sports chic watch with a rubber strap.

Crocco's vision was therefore unheard of at the time. It was a wristwatch made of yellow gold and fitted with a rubber strap. It's fine to want to be unique, but why not use a premium leather strap? Crocco IWC Portofino Replica was an avid sailboater. Crocco wanted a multi-purpose luxury sports watch that could be worn in both the office or out on the open water. He also wanted it to have the ability to be used with a boat. Let's not forget, he wanted something different than what is commonly considered luxury. He settled on a rubber strap.

He finally revealed the watch at Baselworld 1980. The roger dubuis replica was a yellow gold watch that featured its face, bezel, and case in the shape of a porthole. It had its rubber strap attached to its lugs, and secured with a double-bladed deployant clasp. The rubber strap was unique and kept the luxury of Crocco's luxury Bell & Ross Replica sports chic watch alive beyond its gold case. It was the first luxury rubber strap and was developed over a period of at least three years before it was released to the public. The watch is impressive in its form and storytelling. But, it is still puzzling to look back on.

The MDM Geneve brand continued to thrive and survive well into its second decade. Jean-Claude Biver, an industry giant, first saw the potential of the brand in 2004. MDM Geneve was no more. Jean-Claude Biver,roger dubuis replica an industry titan, saw the potential of the roger dubuis replica Big Bang and brought it to market at Baselworld 2005.